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Ohio firm to manage Allegheny Health Network emergency departments
Pittsburgh Business Times
Canton, Ohio-based Emergency Medicine Physicians will manage the emergency departments at Allegheny General Hospital, West Penn Hospital, Canonsburg Hospital and Saint Vincent Hospital in Erie, the company said. The joint venture will also manage ...
AHN expands relationship with emergency medicine management companyWashington Observer Reporter
Allegheny Health Network and Emergency Medicine Physicians Form Joint ...Newswire Today (press release)
EMP to manage emergency rooms in Western PennsylvaniaSuburbanite

An emergency medicine physician's take on honoring your emotions
Scope (blog)
But how do you really feel? Over on, Anoop Kumar, MD, reflects on his personal and professional experiences with cancer. The emergency physician cares for people with acute complications from cancer and related treatments. In the post ...

The first ASEAN Emergency Medicine workshop is held in Thailand
Thailand National News Bureau
PHUKET, 23 April 2014 (NNT) - The National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM) in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), organized a meeting in order to create awareness and to prepare a concrete protocol for handling ...

Tennessee's First Emergency Medicine Fellowship Begins At Erlanger And UTC
The Chattanoogan
Mr. Spiegel, Erlanger Chief Medical Officer Jim Creel, MD, and UTCOMC Dean David C. Seaberg, MD, presented white coats to the new faculty of the Division of EMS under the Department of Emergency Medicine during a recent ceremony at Erlanger.

GuideWell Health and Crucial Care Launch GuideWell Emergency Medicine ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. and ORLANDO, Fla., April 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- GuideWell Health has formed GuideWell Emergency Medicine Doctors, LLC, which will serve as a stand-alone medical facility serving the Orlando metropolitan area from its premier ...
Florida Blue to open urgent-care center near Winter Park Trader Joe'sOrlando Business Journal (blog)

Newtown Participating In Emergency Medication Distribution Drill Thursday ...
The Newtown Bee
Newtown Health District officials will be expecting a state Department of Health currier and State Police escort to arrive at Newtown High School sometime Thursday morning as part of a statewide mass emergency medicine distribution drill.

High-altitude medicine
The Durango Herald
TELLURIDE – A doctor here with a background in emergency medicine is treating patients sensitive to high altitude before, instead of after, they get in real trouble. Dr. Peter Hackett, the founder of the Institute for Altitude Medicine, treats and ...

Strong West expected to open mid-July
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Area residents learned that once open, the 10-bed emergency department at Strong West will be staffed by a doctor, at least two nurses and support staff, according to Dr. Michael Kamali, chairman of emergency medicine at Strong Memorial Hospital ...

Movers & Shakers for April 20, 2014
MetroWest Daily News
Framingham resident Dr. James A. Feldman, professor of emergency medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, has been honored by the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) as the 2014 recipient of the Grant V. Rodkey Award, an honor ...

Two Drugs Work Equally Well for Epileptic Seizures in Kids: Study
It's been dogma in medicine that Ativan is better than Valium, but this study shows that they are just about equal," said Chamberlain, division chief of emergency medicine and trauma services at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C..

5 Myths About The ER, Debunked
As Emory University physician Dr. Stephen Pitts described in Health Affairs, emergency medicine physicians see 28% of these acute visits, but make up less than 5% of the physician workforce. I and many other practitioners of emergency medicine chose ...

In Wake Of Child Shootings, ER Doctors Seek Ways To Cope
CBS Local
... including at the University of Chicago's Comer Children's Hospital, where four children recently were treated for gunshot wounds. “You never fully remove your job when you see a lot of sadness,” said Dr. Alison Tothy, chief of emergency medicine at ...

Log Rolling and Tomahawk Intubation: The FOAMed Report
MedPage Today
Here are five must-reads curated from the globally crowd-sourced emergency medicine and critical care online education community called Free Open Access Meducation (FOAMed): 1. How to Tomahawk intubate patients you need to keep in a seated ...

Emergency room wait times
We've also been fortunate to recruit tremendously talented providers to care for our patients including Dr. Ian Greenwald, our Medical Director, who is a board certified emergency medicine physician, a previous Duke Faculty member and a current Duke ...

LA BioMed researcher honored for contributions to child abuse detection and ...
EurekAlert (press release)
At LA BioMed, Dr. Berkowitz's research has focused on the maltreatment of children, pediatric emergency medicine, women in medicine and medical education. She has been the director of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center's and LA BioMed's "Failure to ...

Making the Rounds 04/23/14
He also has 16 years of hospital emergency medicine experience. n Nurse practitioner Michele Denial recently joined the internal medicine department at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. Denial earned her master's degree in nursing from La Roche ...

Just for Fun: a Les Misérables parody about hospitalists and ED docs
... be found here. Paul Tatum sent me another video today that further confirmed my belief that the folks online are hilarious. Enjoy this video by ZDoggMD (as the hospitalist) in an epic "Les Misérables" parody battle with an Emergency Medicine ...

Physicians Now Offers Emergency Care with a Human Touch
PR Web (press release)
“We are currently the only urgent care center in the area with a board-certified emergency medicine physician in attendance,” says Keke Olisemeka, Chief Patient Advocate and co-founder of the center. “Here at Physicians Now, we make sure patients can ...

The need for more medical providers: the ABCs of PAs and NPs
Yakima Herald-Republic
In their second year at Heritage, PA students will spend two or three days a week in a family medicine practice, and rotate the other days through specialties like emergency medicine, mental health, obstetrics and surgery. The two programs say they are ...

Teen Survives Flight in Wheel Well of Plane Despite Subzero Temps, Lack of ...
"When it comes to hypothermia, all bets are off," Dr. Jay Lemery, a professor at the University of Colorado specializing in emergency medicine in the wilderness told the Associated Press. A body shut down by extreme cold should be "presumed alive ...

Tuesday's XC | 4.22
Yale Daily News
Yale News released a piece yesterday documenting a conference of emergency medicine practitioners that took place at the Omni in late March. The article was titled “NERDS rule at Yale” in reference to the attendees who were New England Research ...

HIE tool reduces duplicative tests, IDs drug seekers
"Care Everywhere has become a valuable tool as our department strives to be efficient with the patient's time and avoid repeat testing and duplicate costs," Paul Satterlee, an emergency medicine physician at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, said in a ...

25 Recipients of Becker's Healthcare 2014 Leadership Awards
Becker's Hospital Review
Today, TeamHealth is affiliated with approximately 9,700 physicians and other healthcare professionals who provide emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesia, urgent care, specialty hospitalist and pediatric staffing and management services to ...

Beach Business: Beginning April 7
Beach Reporter
Hockberger, a Redondo Beach resident, is a legend in the field of emergency medicine for the many contributions he's made to improving emergency care and to training the next generation of emergency room physicians, according to David Meyer, ...
LA BioMed celebrates the accomplishments of 2 'Legends'EurekAlert (press release)

Teen stowaway survives, but how? 'Boy's body went into a frozen state'
Los Angeles Times
For the minority of stowaways who survive, "the planets align," said Dorian, an associate clinical professor of emergency medicine at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. For the lucky few, "the need for oxygen declines as the body cools. It's exactly like the ...

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Ann Emerg Med
Many Emergency Department Patients With Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Do Not Meet Diagnostic Criteria Within 3 Hours of Arrival. (Mar 2014)
Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment and Emergency Medicine: Ethical Considerations, Legal Issues, and Emerging Trends. (Apr 2014)
Acad Emerg Med
Risk Factors for Hospitalization After Dog Bite Injury: A Case-cohort Study of Emergency Department Visits. (Feb 2014)
Ultrasound for Routine Lumbar Puncture. (Feb 2014)
Emerg Med Clin North Am
Pediatric ENT emergencies. (Aug 2013)
Sepsis and septic shock. (Aug 2013)
Am J Emerg Med
Sex differences in cardiac arrest survivors who receive therapeutic hypothermia. (Feb 2014)
Rising rates of proton pump inhibitor prescribing in US ED. (Mar 2014)
Pediatr Emerg Care
Traumatic asphyxia. (Feb 2014)
Acquired Long QT Syndrome: A Focus for the General Pediatrician. (Apr 2014)
Eur J Emerg Med
A study of hypothermic patients presenting to a Mediterranean emergency department. (Feb 2014)
Use of fluoroquinolones and third-generation cephalosporins in the emergency department: an 11-year survey. (Jan 2014)
Deferred consent. A new approach for resuscitation research on comatose patients. (May 1986)
The use and clinical importance of a substrate-specific electrode for rapid determination of blood lactate concentrations. (Dec 1994)
N Engl J Med
Outcomes of care in birth centers. The National Birth Center Study. (Dec 1989)
Videos in clinical medicine: Laryngeal mask airway in medical emergencies. (Nov 2013)
Complications with shunts in adults with spina bifida. (Jul 1995)
Using vital signs to diagnose impaired consciousness: cross sectional observational study. (Oct 2002)
Prehosp Emerg Care
Comparison of Video, Optical, and Direct Laryngoscopy by Experienced Tactical Paramedics. (Jan 2014)
Surviving Two Hours of Ventricular Fibrillation in Accidental Hypothermia. (Mar 2014)
Air Med J
An investigation of pilot fatigue in helicopter emergency medical services. (Sep-Oct 2013)
Specialty pediatric transport in primary care or urgent care settings. (Mar-Apr 2014)
CBCED Features
Links to other web pages related to Biologic Counterterrorism and Emerging Diseases. The Casualty Care Research Center prepared this series of real-life-based risk scenarios.
The Centers for Disease Control has established a Bioterrorism Program to ensure the rapid development of federal, state, and local capacity to address potential bioterrorism events. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published by the Centers for Disease Control notifies clinicians of serious ongoing and emerging infectious disease threats. The Health and Human Services Office of Emergency Preparedness is responsible for managing and coordinating Federal medical responses to major emergencies, including those resulting from terrorism. Documents and resources to facilitate response planning for a terrorist incident
eMedicine CBRNE
An extensive list of CBRNE topics from the world's largest medical textbooks.
See complete eMedicine table of contents
Anthrax Infection
Arsenicals, Arsine
Biological Warfare Agents
Chemical Decontamination
Chemical Detection Equipment
Chemical Warfare Agents
Chemical Warfare Mass Casualty Management
Cyanides, Cyanogen Chloride
Cyanides, Hydrogen
Evaluation Of A Biological Warfare Victim
Evaluation Of A Chemical Warfare Victim
Glanders and Melioidosis
Incapacitating Agents, 3-quinuclidinyl Benzilate
Incapacitating Agents, Agent 15
Incapacitating Agents, Cannabinoids
Incapacitating Agents, LSD
Incendiary Agents, Magnesium and Thermite
Incendiary Agents, Napalm
Incendiary Agents, White Phosphorus
Irritants: Cs, Cn, Cnc, Ca, Cr, Cnb, PS
Lung-Damaging Agents, Chlorine
Lung-damaging Agents, Chloropicrin
Lung-damaging Agents, Diphosgene
Lung-damaging Agents, Phosgene
Lung-damaging Agents, Toxic Smokes: Nox, Hc, Rp, Fs, Fm, Sgf2, Teflon
Nerve Agents, G-series: Tabun, Sarin, Soman
Nerve Agents, V-series: Ve, Vg, Vm, Vx
Personal Protective Equipment
Q Fever
Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B
T-2 Mycotoxins
Urticants, Phosgene Oxime
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis
Vesicants, Mustard: Hd, Hn1-3, H
Vesicants, Organic Arsenicals: L, ED, MD, PD, HL
Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Vomiting Agents: Dm, Da, Dc
Emergency Medicine Literature of Note: Pre-Hospital Furosemide ...
Emergency Medicine Literature of Note
In Ottawa, pre-hospital care includes paramedics authorized to treat acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema in the setting of respiratory distress. Their treatment, sensibly, includes nitroglycerin. It also, insensibly, includes ...
Dystonia in the Emergency Department - St Emlyns
St Emlyns
Managing acute dystonia in the Emergency Department. Procyclidine. Movement disorders. Dystonic reactions. Oculogyric crisis. Status dystonicus.
Emergency Medicine Literature of Note: Target: Stroke � �Success!�
Emergency Medicine Literature of Note
The use of tPA has evolved rapidly over the last decade. However, despite its increasing use, proponents have been dismayed to see eligible patients were still receiving tPA within 60 minutes of ED arrival only one-third of the ...
Why I Made Emergency Medicine My Career by Mark Baker, MD ...
The Central Line
Why I Made Emergency Medicine My Career by Mark Baker, MD, FACEP. What other jobs allow you to stay up all night long, party with crazy people, and get paid for it? That's what I like to say every New Year's Eve.
Allegheny Health Network and Emergency Medicine Physicians ...
EMP News
Allegheny Health Network and Emergency Medicine Physicians (EMP) announced today the formation of a joint venture to manage the emergency departments at eight hospitals in western Pennsylvania. The joint venture ...
3rd ICPEM | Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Resident's blog
Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Resident's blog
The fantastic super pediatric conference is over ladies and gentlemen. We learned, taught, eat and laughed for three days with the world's leaders in emergency medicine from all over the globe. If you have attended the ...
What emergency medicine can teach emergency managers ...
Cambridge Medicine
Used daily in emergency medicine, medical decision-making provides timely decisions and relies on on-site subject matter experts. Decisions are made based on the best information available at the time, and these decisions ...
EMS Resident Simulation Day - Department of Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine
Freestanding Emergency Center · Adult Emergency Department / Trauma Center · Pediatric Emergency Department · Education · Residency · Current Residents · Curriculum · Benefits · Application Process · Clinical ...
Causes of reduced conscious level in North Dublin - Emergency ...
Emergency Medicine Ireland
As a result you become an expert in inner city emergency medicine which has its own specific problems. Here's a list of differentials for the unconscious patient in my current context. Feel free to suggest any other important ...
The Boston Marathon bombing: From emergency medicine to Twitter ...
Journalist's Resource
Findings: �On Monday, April 15, 2013, Boston emergency medical services and other agencies transported scores of casualties to local hospitals within 90 minutes of the two explosions at 2:50 p.m. near the Boylston Street ...
The Role of the Emergency Department in the ... - Athenahealth
Health Leadership Forum | athenahealth
For practitioners of emergency medicine, these changes are amplifying the evolution already occurring in the (ED) during the last several years. Emergency physicians always have been active in the field of unscheduled care, ...
Cleveland Physician Assistant - Emergency Medicine - Part-time Job ...
Cleveland Clinic - Ohio Mid-Level Providers Jobs
Physician Assistant - Emergency Medicine - Part-time Job. Apply now �. Cleveland Clinic. Date: Apr 18, 2014. Location: Cleveland, OH, US. PA Emergency Department Reference Title HR Use Only: Physician Assistant - Emergency Medicine ...
Head injury | Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Resident's blog
Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Resident's blog
The original presentation for the latest activity. It is a �not so organized� presentation but people are requesting a quick release so here you go. It is provided for educational purposes only, all copyrights are reserved for the ...
Emergency Medicine Procedure Workshop | EmergencyPedia
EMIG Procedure Workshop Welcome to the pre-reading (flipped classroom) for the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) Procedures Workshop. This is scheduled for next week (Monday 31st of March - Tuesday 1st of ...
May 2014 Emergency Medicine Conferences | Saudi Program of ...
Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Resident's blog
Salam! Here I am again ,, but this time it's early enough for you to plan attending one of the conferences some time ahead.I'll list them down here. Ready ? lets GO ! ↓↓↓↓↓ ...
Emergency Medicine Literature of Note: The Troponin to End All ...
Emergency Medicine Literature of Note
These patients were then followed through the central Swedish Health Registry for subsequent hospital admissions or death for 30, 180, and 365 days following their Emergency Department Visit. Of this cohort, 8,883 had an ...
ICPEM lectures 1 | Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine ...
Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Resident's blog
I figured we can upload the lectures of the conference speaker by speaker on a daily basis. Let us start with Prof. Marianne lectures, absolutely brilliant stuff by a well-known international figure in emergency medicine.
Emergency Medicine Veterinarian, Employment | AVMA
AVMA Veterinary Career Center Search Results
AVMA Veterinary Career Center: Private Practice, , Windsor, Colorado , Emergency Medicine Veterinarian at Peak Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Hospital.
(Yet more) reflections on SMACC Gold - Emergency Medicine Ireland
Emergency Medicine Ireland
Lots of other folk have put their reflections on SMACC Gold online and I'm here to join the crowd. I missed the first SMACC as purse strings were a little tight. They're a little tight this year too but I really wasn't going to miss two ...
ICPEM lectures 2 | Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine ...
Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Resident's blog
Second speaker, Prof. Joan Shook. This lady is a legend; I personally learned a lot from her during the conference. She speaks about the things that everybody hates to speak about. I mean she gave a talk about complaints ...
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iIbuprofen toxicity nomogram
iRule of nines for estimating percentage of body surface area burned in adults
iSalicylate toxicity nomogram
iAlvarado appendicitis score
iApache II score
iApgar score
iBleeding probability after TPA for MI
iCardiac arrest: likelihood of mortality and neurologic recovery
iCommunity-acquired Pneumonia Mortality risk for adults
iCoronary disease probability
iCrotalid snakebite severity score
iCroup score (pediatric)
iEctopic pregnancy risk
iGeriatric depression scale (Koenig)
iGlasgow Coma Scale
iMangled extremity severity score
iMini mental status exam
iNIH Stroke Scale
iRanson's criteria for pancreatitis mortality prediction
iStrep pharyngitis probability score
iTWEAK alcoholism score
iTrauma score for survival probability
iEndocarditis Prophylaxis - Antibiotic Regimens
iEndocarditis Prophylaxis - Which Cardiac Conditions Require It?
iEndocarditis Prophylaxis - Which Procedures Require It?
iEthanol effects in non-alcoholics
iOpioid Potency Comparison
iPediatric Resuscitation Equipment - Sizing by Age
iPediatric Vital Signs
iSynovial Fluid Classification
iSystemic Glucocorticoids Comparison
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