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Take time to thank emergency medicine personnel
Herald & Review (blog)
In our busy lives, we try to take time to recognize those who play important and often unrecognized roles. Last week was National EMS Week and we in the world of emergency medicine want to take a moment to publicly thank all those who play such an ...

Event recap: Next steps for integrated emergency medicine
Brookings Institution (blog)
Recently, the Richard Merkin Initiative on Payment Reform and Clinical Leadership hosted, “MEDTalk – Reimagining emergency medicine: How to integrate care for the acutely ill and injured.” Emergency medicine includes a range of care, from a child ...

Noteworthy Emergency Medicine Advancements: A 20-Year Review
Of all the improvements in the practice of emergency medicine (EM) during the past two decades, the advent of ultrasound has probably had the greatest impact on our ability to more rapidly and accurately triage patients presenting to the emergency ...

Schools require emergency allergy medicine, but doctors balk
When a Murietta Valley Unified School District elementary student bit into a cupcake made with peanut butter in April, she quickly struggled to breathe. A school health aide grabbed a pre-loaded syringe of adrenaline from the supply cabinet, injected ...

Refresher course in emergency medicine
Yahoo! Maktoob News
The Medical Education Department of the Dubai Health Authority recently organised a symposium on emergency medicine and surgery to update medical residents with the latest in the field. The aim of the programme was to provide residents with an ...

Addressing Emergency Department Flow, Inside and Out
HealthLeaders Media
Alex Rosenau, DO, FACEP, CPE, is senior vice chair of the department of emergency medicine for the Lehigh Valley Health Network of Allentown, Pennsylvania, which includes five hospitals, five emergency rooms, 17 community clinics, 12 health centers, ...

Dubai Health Authority organises symposium on emergency medicine and ...
Zawya (registration)
Dubai - The Medical Education Department of the Dubai Health Authority recently organised a symposium on emergency medicine and surgery to update medical residents with the latest in the field. The symposium was inaugurated by Dr Alya Saif Al ...

Yale: Opioid Addicts Benefit From ER Drug Treatment, Intervention
Hartford Courant
"The patients who received ED-initiated medication and referral for ongoing treatment in primary care were twice as likely than the others to be engaged in treatment 30 days later," Dr. Gail D'Onofrio, chairwoman of emergency medicine at Yale School of ...

Digital mandates hobble health care market
One study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine found that emergency-room doctors spend 43 percent of their time entering electronic records information, 28 percent with patients. Another study found that family-practice physicians spend on ...

Restricting firearms access for people who misuse alcohol may prevent violence
Medical Xpress
"Both acute alcohol intoxication and chronic alcohol misuse are strongly associated with risk for committing firearm violence, whether that violence is directed at others or at oneself," said Garen J. Wintemute, professor of emergency medicine ...

SeHealth readies for med students
The Robesonian
Twenty-five newly-minted physicians who selected Lumberton and Southeastern Health as their residency training ground will enter three residency programs in the areas of family medicine, internal medicine and emergency medicine. Funded by $1.6 million ...

Medicaid patients need support to use primary care rather than emergency rooms
Medical Xpress
... one place is likely more cost effective than going to a [primary care provider] clinic and having gone elsewhere to get further testing," writes Roberta Capp, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the CU School of Medicine in the journal ...
How to get Medicaid patients to use primary care rather than emergency roomsScience Codex

20 Years of Medscape -- Reflection, Innovation and Celebration
From ultrasounds to smartphone apps, telemedicine to freestanding emergency departments, the emergency medicine specialty has benefitted significantly from mobile and video innovation to improve patient access to urgent care, according an article by Dr.

ACEP Policies Lead to Evidence-Based Medicine
"Both of them are on hot clinical topics," James Augustine, MD, FACEP, director of clinical operations at Emergency Medicine Physicians and a board member of the ACEP, said. Augustine added the policy statements are in line with what other ...

The challenges of a first ERU mission – “I would do it all over again,” says ...
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
A full medical team, including a surgeon, obstetrician, emergency medicine physicians, general practitioners, is immediately available, working together with experienced technicians and a communication delegates. While dealing with their own workload ...

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Ann Emerg Med
Emergency department and inpatient hospital use by medicare beneficiaries in patient-centered medical homes. (Jun 2015)
A Novel Cause of Free Intraperitoneal Air in the Emergency Department. (Mar 2015)
Acad Emerg Med
The prevalence and diagnostic utility of systemic inflammatory response syndrome vital signs in a pediatric emergency department. (Apr 2015)
The Use of a Video Laryngoscope by Emergency Medicine Residents Is Associated With a Reduction in Esophageal Intubations in the Emergency Department. (May 2015)
Emerg Med Clin North Am
Evaluation and management of congenital bleeding disorders. (Aug 2014)
Intentional and inadvertent chemical contamination of food, water, and medication. (Feb 2015)
Am J Emerg Med
The uniform chest compression depth of 50 mm or greater recommended by current guidelines is not appropriate for all adults. (Apr 2015)
Femoral venous oxygen saturation obtained during cardiopulmonary resuscitation predicts successful resuscitation in a pig model. (Apr 2015)
Pediatr Emerg Care
Cephalic Tetanus in an Immunized Teenager: An Unusual Case Report. (Apr 2015)
Acute Gastric Volvulus in a 16-Year-Old Male Adolescent: A Case Report. (May 2015)
Eur J Emerg Med
Treatment algorithm reduces oxygen use in the Emergency Department. (Feb 2015)
Patient satisfaction in out-of-hospital emergency care: a multicentre survey. (Mar 2015)
Cardiac arrest due to anesthesia. A study of incidence and causes. (Apr 1985)
N Engl J Med
Multifactorial index of cardiac risk in noncardiac surgical procedures. (Oct 1977)
Videos in clinical medicine: Laryngeal mask airway in medical emergencies. (Nov 2013)
Efficacy of a small single dose of oral dexamethasone for outpatient croup: a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial. (Jul 1996)
Call to needle times after acute myocardial infarction in urban and rural areas in northeast Scotland: prospective observational study. (Aug 1998)
Prehosp Emerg Care
Fat Intravasation from Intraosseous Flush and Infusion Procedures. (Dec 2014)
Supraventricular Tachycardia Cardioverted by an Automated External Debrillator in a 9-year-old Male with a History of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. (Feb 2015)
Air Med J
In-flight auscultation during medical air evacuation: comparison between traditional and amplified stethoscopes. (Nov-Dec 2014)
Preoxygenation reduces desaturation events and improves intubation success. (Mar-Apr 2015)
CBCED Features
Links to other web pages related to Biologic Counterterrorism and Emerging Diseases. The Casualty Care Research Center prepared this series of real-life-based risk scenarios.
The Centers for Disease Control has established a Bioterrorism Program to ensure the rapid development of federal, state, and local capacity to address potential bioterrorism events. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published by the Centers for Disease Control notifies clinicians of serious ongoing and emerging infectious disease threats. The Health and Human Services Office of Emergency Preparedness is responsible for managing and coordinating Federal medical responses to major emergencies, including those resulting from terrorism. Documents and resources to facilitate response planning for a terrorist incident
eMedicine CBRNE
An extensive list of CBRNE topics from the world's largest medical textbooks.
See complete eMedicine table of contents
Anthrax Infection
Arsenicals, Arsine
Biological Warfare Agents
Chemical Decontamination
Chemical Detection Equipment
Chemical Warfare Agents
Chemical Warfare Mass Casualty Management
Cyanides, Cyanogen Chloride
Cyanides, Hydrogen
Evaluation Of A Biological Warfare Victim
Evaluation Of A Chemical Warfare Victim
Glanders and Melioidosis
Incapacitating Agents, 3-quinuclidinyl Benzilate
Incapacitating Agents, Agent 15
Incapacitating Agents, Cannabinoids
Incapacitating Agents, LSD
Incendiary Agents, Magnesium and Thermite
Incendiary Agents, Napalm
Incendiary Agents, White Phosphorus
Irritants: Cs, Cn, Cnc, Ca, Cr, Cnb, PS
Lung-Damaging Agents, Chlorine
Lung-damaging Agents, Chloropicrin
Lung-damaging Agents, Diphosgene
Lung-damaging Agents, Phosgene
Lung-damaging Agents, Toxic Smokes: Nox, Hc, Rp, Fs, Fm, Sgf2, Teflon
Nerve Agents, G-series: Tabun, Sarin, Soman
Nerve Agents, V-series: Ve, Vg, Vm, Vx
Personal Protective Equipment
Q Fever
Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B
T-2 Mycotoxins
Urticants, Phosgene Oxime
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis
Vesicants, Mustard: Hd, Hn1-3, H
Vesicants, Organic Arsenicals: L, ED, MD, PD, HL
Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Vomiting Agents: Dm, Da, Dc
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iBradycardia treatment algorithm
iGI bleed complication risk
iMyocardial infarction probability (Goldman)
iRash diagnosis algorithm
iAbsolute Neutrophil Count
iAlveolar-arterial oxygen gradient (A-a gradient)
iAminoglycoside clearance in females
iAminoglycoside clearance in males
iAmylase fractional excretion
iAnion gap
iBasal Energy Expenditure for females
iBasal Energy Expenditure for males
iBlood alcohol concentration
iBlood oxygen content
iBody mass index
iCSF IgG Index
iCardiac Output
iCelsius to fahrenheit conversion
iCerebrospinal white blood cell correction in traumatic lumbar puncture
iClosing capacity
iCorrected CSF Protein in Traumatic LP
iCreatinine clearance
iEstimated creatinine clearance for females
iEstimated creatinine clearance for males
iFactor IX dosing
iFactor VIII dosing
iFahrenheit to celsius conversion
iFree water deficit
iFunctional Residual Capacity
iHuman to dog years conversion
iIdeal Body Weight Percentage for Females
iIdeal Body Weight Percentage for Males
iIdeal Body Weight for Females
iIdeal Body Weight for Males
iInspiratory Capacity
iIonized calcium estimation
iKilograms to pounds conversion
iLow Density Lipoprotein
iMean arterial pressure
iNasal cannula oxygen FiO2 estimation
iOsmolar Clearance
iPounds to kilograms conversion
iPredicted peak expiratory flow (PEF, peak flow) - females
iPredicted peak expiratory flow (PEF, peak flow) - males
iPregnancy Wheel
iProtein Catabolic Rate for Patients on Hemodialysis
iResidual Renal Function in Patients on 3 times/week hemodialysis (mL/min)
iRoom air alveolar-arterial gradient (A-a gradient)
iSerum osmolarity estimation
iSodium Deficit In Hyponatremia (Males)
iSodium Deficit In Hyponatremic Females (meq)
iSodium Excess In Hypernatremic Females (meq)
iSodium Excess In Hypernatremic Males (meq)
iSodium Fractional Excretion
iSodium bicarbonate replacement
iSodium correction in hyperglycemia
Decision rules
iOttawa ankle rules
iOttawa foot rules
iOttawa knee rules
iPittsburgh knee rule
iTPA for acute stroke - indications/contraindications
iAcetaminophen Toxicity Nomogram
iAcid-base disturbance graph
iBenign Positional Vertigo: Bedside Treatment
iDiagnosis of Benign Positional Vertigo
iHow to Tie a Bow-Tie
iIbuprofen toxicity nomogram
iRule of nines for estimating percentage of body surface area burned in adults
iSalicylate toxicity nomogram
iAlvarado appendicitis score
iApache II score
iApgar score
iBleeding probability after TPA for MI
iCardiac arrest: likelihood of mortality and neurologic recovery
iCommunity-acquired Pneumonia Mortality risk for adults
iCoronary disease probability
iCrotalid snakebite severity score
iCroup score (pediatric)
iEctopic pregnancy risk
iGeriatric depression scale (Koenig)
iGlasgow Coma Scale
iMangled extremity severity score
iMini mental status exam
iNIH Stroke Scale
iRanson's criteria for pancreatitis mortality prediction
iStrep pharyngitis probability score
iTWEAK alcoholism score
iTrauma score for survival probability
iEndocarditis Prophylaxis - Antibiotic Regimens
iEndocarditis Prophylaxis - Which Cardiac Conditions Require It?
iEndocarditis Prophylaxis - Which Procedures Require It?
iEthanol effects in non-alcoholics
iOpioid Potency Comparison
iPediatric Resuscitation Equipment - Sizing by Age
iPediatric Vital Signs
iSynovial Fluid Classification
iSystemic Glucocorticoids Comparison
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