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Common Simple Emergencies


Rhabdomyolysis [2/9/2009]

Pyelonephritis [2/9/2009]



Epididymitis [2/9/2009]


Diarrhea [2/9/2009]

Costochondritis [2/9/2009]

Cervical Strain

Bell'S Palsy
Bell's Palsy [2/9/2009]

The Power Of Instant Data 03a (pdf)

The Chart Is The Wrong Metaphor 02d (pdf)

Wireless handheld computers at the bedside
Inefficiencies in traditional delivery of test results and other clinical data cause 25% of clinical decisions to be based on incomplete information. Wireless handheld EPR solutions can improve access to current clinical data at the moment of clinical decision-making. [2/9/2009]

Wireless handheld computers and prescription writing in the emergency department
The availability of mobile hand-held devices increases voluntary physician adoption of computerized prescribing, and affects the use of both mobile and fixed-location prescribing programs. Increased utilization when mobile devices are available is principally due to increased utilization by physicians who already used non-mobile computerized prescribing programs. [2/9/2009]

Problems With Commercial Clinical Information Systems
Some issues related to commercially-available clinical information systems [2/9/2009]

Internet And Medical Informatics 2 Column 02b (pdf)

Intelligent Objects
Intelligent objects may speed the transformation of medicine in the information age [2/9/2009]

Handheld Prescriptions

Handheld Clinical Data

Frontlines (pdf)

Emed Leadership (pdf)

Data Centric Computing 02d 2 Column (pdf)

Complexity Necsi Paper 02f (pdf)

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (CT scan)
A fascinating 3-dimensional reconstruction of a CT scan, with surface shading. The bones and some of the abdominal contents have been electronically erased, making the anatomy of the AAA extremely clear. This technology is in routine use at Washington Hospital Center, and patients have a better chance of successful surgery because technology like this is readily available to their surgical team. [2/9/2009]

3D CT Reconstruction

Staff Publications

The Next Generation Emergency Department
Two leading medical informaticists look at emergency medicine in the decades ahead. Ann Emerg Med. 1998 Jul;32(1):65-74. [2/9/2009]

The Next Generation Emergency Department (pdf)

Phlebology-Venous Anatomy And Physiology

Telecommunications%20and%20the%20Next%20Generation%20Internet%20for%20Health%20Care (pdf)

Phlebology-Sclerosing Solutions

Telecommunications and the Next-Generation Internet for Health Care
Originally presented at the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health for a special symposium on Informatics and the National Heart Attack Alert Program. Ann Emerg Med. 2001 Sep;38(3):293-302. [2/9/2009]

Telecommunications And The Next Generation Internet For Health Care (pdf)

Non Healing Peripheral Ulcers

Frontlines (pdf)

Thrombophlebitis, Superficial

Thrombophlebitis, Septic

Thrombolytic Therapy

Emed%20leadership (pdf)

Emed Leadership (pdf)

EM Leadership in medical computing
Feied CF, Smith MS, Handler JA, Kanhouwa M. Emergency medicine can play a leadership role in enterprise-wide clinical information systems. Ann Emerg Med. 2000 Feb;35(2):162-7. [2/9/2009]

Data Centric%20computing (pdf)

Complexity%20necsi%20paper 02f (pdf)

Applications Of Complex Systems: Medical Management
Staff Web Clippings


Yahoo! Health BreastImplants MultipleSclerosis Messages Message 753 Of 1746
Yahoo! Health : BreastImplants_MultipleSclerosis Messages : Message 753 of 1746 [2/9/2009]

Worldrg Com [2/9/2009]

WirelessWeek Com [2/9/2009]

Wireless Woos Doctors
Wireless woos doctors [2/9/2009]

Winter 99
Winter 99 [2/9/2009]

Will HIPAA Allow Wireless
Dartmouth Intros Wireless VoIP [2/9/2009]

WHC PHO Ann Rpt 10 02
*WHC-PHO Ann Rpt 10/02 [2/9/2009]

Welcome To Enh Org Research
Welcome to - Research [2/9/2009]

Volume 39 Number 1 May 2003
Volume 39 Number 1 May 2003 [2/9/2009]

Vea Muestra
Vea Muestra [2/9/2009]

Timely Care, Safety Issues Spur Wireless Demand 2003 07 21 Baltimore Business Journal
Timely care, safety issues spur wireless demand - 2003-07-21 - Baltimore Business Journal [2/9/2009]

Thrombosis [2/9/2009]

Thrombolytic Agents Side Effects, Interactions And Information Drugs Com
Thrombolytic Agents Side Effects, Interactions and Information - [2/9/2009]

The Risks Digest Volume 12 Issue 70
The Risks Digest Volume 12: Issue 70 [2/9/2009]

The American College Of Phlebology Cool Sites
The American College of Phlebology - Cool Sites [2/9/2009]

Streptase Side Effects, Interactions And Information Drugs Com
Streptase Side Effects, Interactions and Information - [2/9/2009]

Spotlight Health
Spotlight Health [2/9/2009]

Society For Academic Emergency Medicine
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine [2/9/2009]

Security At Your Fingertips BIOMETRICS CIO Magazine May 1,2002
Security at Your Fingertips - BIOMETRICS - CIO Magazine May 1,2002 [2/9/2009]

Search Everywhere Pregnancy Calculator
Search Everywhere - pregnancy calculator [2/9/2009]

ScienceDaily Magazine Your Link To The Latest Research News
ScienceDaily Magazine -- Your link to the latest research news [2/9/2009]

Sci Med

SAEM [2/9/2009]

Rosen´S EMERGENCY MEDICINE Zahranicní Odborná Literatura ORIENTED, K S , Uzbecká 1411 4, 101 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic

Report Of The Frontlines Of Medicine Project Consensus Conference
Report of the Frontlines of Medicine Project Consensus Conference [2/9/2009]

Pulmonary Embolism
Pulmonary Embolism [2/9/2009]

Press Kits, Emergency Preparedness
Press Kits, Emergency Preparedness [2/9/2009]

Physicians' File
Physicians' File [2/9/2009]

Pharmaprix Health & Wellness Health Information Health Conditions Blood Clots
Pharmaprix - Health & Wellness - Health Information - Health Conditions - Blood Clots [2/9/2009]

PERSONALMD Com Personalized Medical Information And Services - Personalized Medical Information and Services [2/9/2009]

Perfusion Line Blood
Perfusion Line: Blood [2/9/2009]

Parco Merged Media Inc
Parco Merged Media Inc. [2/9/2009]

Paladin Capital Group
Paladin Capital Group [2/9/2009]

PDC 2002 ER One Project
PDC 2002: ER One Project [2/9/2009]

Our Featured Web Site May 1999 Family Practice Management
Our Featured Web Site - May 1999 Family Practice Management [2/9/2009]

Open Directory Health Conditions And Diseases Cardiovascular Disorders Vascular Disorders Thrombosis
Open Directory - Health: Conditions and Diseases: Cardiovascular Disorders: Vascular Disorders: Thrombosis [2/9/2009]

OHSU Library New Library Materials For April, 2003
OHSU Library - New library materials for April, 2003 [2/9/2009]

National Assoc Of State Jury Verdict Publishers
National Assoc of State Jury Verdict Publishers [2/9/2009]

MSWorld Media
MSWorld Media [2/9/2009]

MSSI News PressReleases
MSSI News/PressReleases [2/9/2009]

Milwaukee Biosurveillance Project Real Time Syndromic Surveillance Using Secure Regional Internet
Milwaukee Biosurveillance Project: Real-Time Syndromic Surveillance Using Secure Regional Internet [2/9/2009]

MedStar Health, A Health Care Organization Comprised Of 25 Integrated Businesses In The Baltimore Washington, D C Area
MedStar Health, a health care organization comprised of 25 integrated businesses in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. = area. [2/9/2009]

Medrecinst Conference Program 2003
1F T3 PM6.5 [2/9/2009]

Medical Links
Medical Links [2/9/2009]

Maryland [2/9/2009]

Mark Smith, M D Biography
Mark Smith, M.D. Biography [2/9/2009]

Links Of Pulmonary Embolism
Links of Pulmonary Embolism [2/9/2009]

Libnotes #30 Winter Spring '03 Hsl Screen Shot
Libnotes #30 Winter Spring '03 hsl screen shot [2/9/2009]

Libnotes #26
libnotes #26 [2/9/2009]

Latest News
Latest News [2/9/2009]


Katalog   Health  Conditions And Diseases  Cardiovascular Disorders  Vascular Disorders  Thrombosis   Netz Tipp De
Katalog : =A0:=A0Health=A0:=A0Conditions_and_Diseases=A0:=A0Cardiovascular_Disorder= s=A0:=A0Vascular_Disorders=A0:=A0Thrombosis=A0:=A0 - = Netz-Tipp.De [2/9/2009]

JEFFLINE Forum February 2002 New Books
JEFFLINE Forum - February 2002: New Books [2/9/2009]

Informatics [2/9/2009]

ICEP Staff
ICEP - Staff [2/9/2009]

I E M E E [2/9/2009]

HIV & AIDS Latex Allergy
HIV & AIDS - Latex Allergy [2/9/2009]

Healthcare Informatics IT'S ALL ABOUT SPEED
Healthcare Informatics: IT'S ALL ABOUT SPEED [2/9/2009]

Healthcare Informatics Believing In Biometrics
Healthcare Informatics: Believing in Biometrics [2/9/2009]

Harvard Design School Executive Education On Line Catalog
Harvard Design School - Executive Education On-Line Catalog [2/9/2009]

Hardin MD Emergency Medicine
Hardin MD - Emergency Medicine [2/9/2009]

Greater Midwest Region National Medical Librarian Month, 2003
Greater Midwest Region National Medical Librarian Month, 2003 [2/9/2009]

Geometry Net Health Conditions Hypopituitarism
Geometry.Net - Health_Conditions: Hypopituitarism [2/9/2009]

Geometry Net Biology Medicine
Geometry.Net - Biology: Medicine [2/9/2009]

Frontlines [2/9/2009]

Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation
Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation [2/9/2009]

FireScience, Fire Suppression, Terrorism Preparedness, Inspection, Hazardous Materials
FireScience, Fire Suppression, Terrorism Preparedness, Inspection, Hazardous Materials [2/9/2009]


fadorfancy [2/9/2009]

Faculty [2/9/2009]

EP MONTHLY Features [2/9/2009]

ENW  Humor  [Emergency Nursing World !]
ENW: A0 Humor=A0 [Emergency Nursing World = !] [2/9/2009]

ENW'S Medical Links Part 1 (Addiction Medicine To Gerontology)
ENW's Medical Links - Part 1 (Addiction Medicine to Gerontology) [2/9/2009]

Emergency Medicine In D C
Emergency Medicine in D.C.. [2/9/2009]

Editorial Board
Editorial Board [2/9/2009]

E Sources No 2 Great Members
E Sources no.2: Great Members [2/9/2009]

Dudley & Lake Personal Injury, Wrongful Death Lawyers
Dudley & Lake - personal injury, wrongful death lawyers [2/9/2009]

Disease Treatment
Disease Treatment [2/9/2009]

Digital Hospital  From ECompany April 2001
Digital Hospital A0 from ECompany April 2001 [2/9/2009]

Department Office Of Communications (With News Releases)
Department: Office of Communications (with news releases) [2/9/2009]

Department Of Medicine Research Department Of Medicine Faculty Medline Searches
Department of Medicine - Research | Department of Medicine Faculty Medline Searches [2/9/2009]

Customer Profile
Customer Profile [2/9/2009]

Cfp2 Brochure

CFP'92 Brochure Program
CFP'92 - Brochure/Program [2/9/2009]

CAEP 2003 EMERGENCY MEDICINE A World Of Diversity Winnipeg • Manitoba
CAEP 2003 EMERGENCY MEDICINE: A World of Diversity Winnipeg =E2=80=A2 Manitoba [2/9/2009]

C C A C C A [2/9/2009]

Business 2 0 WebFiles Hospital
Business 2.0 - WebFiles - Hospital [2/9/2009]

Bibliographic Information About ESSENTIALS OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE
Bibliographic information about ESSENTIALS OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE [2/9/2009]

Architectural Record Digital Practice Feature September 2003 At Long Last, Hospitals Are Going High Tech
Architectural Record | Digital Practice | Feature September 2003 - At long last, hospitals are going high-tech [2/9/2009]

Anthrax [2/9/2009]

All About Pulmonary Embolism
all about pulmonary embolism [2/9/2009]

AEMJ Positions Available
AEMJ--Positions Available [2/9/2009]

AEM Annual Report
AEM Annual Report [2/9/2009]

ACEP Org [2/9/2009]

ACEP Org Emergency Physicians To Hold Scientific Assembly In Philadelphia - Emergency Physicians to Hold Scientific Assembly in Philadelphia [2/9/2009]

AAEM Outreach AAEM Online Textbook To Debut On EMedicine Com
AAEM Outreach: AAEM Online Textbook to Debut on [2/9/2009]

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