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Pediatric Resuscitation Equipment - Sizing by Age
All data are suggestions based on empirical estimates. Modify according to the patient.
Emergency Medicine - A Comprehensive Study Guide. 3rd ed. Tintinalli JE, Krome RL, Ruiz E (eds). McGraw-Hill, Inc. NY, 1985: Inside front cover.
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Premie (3 kg)Newborn (3.5 kg)6 months (7 kg)1-2 years (10-12 kg)5 years (16-18 kg)8-10 years (24-30 kg)
Chest tubes10-14 F12-18 F14-20 F14-24 F20-32 F28-38 F
N-G tubes5 feeding5-8 feeding8 F10 F10-12 F14-18 F
Foley5 feeding5-8 feeding8 F10 F10-12 F12 F
O2 MasksPremature or newbornNewbornPediatricPediatricPediatricAdult
BVMInfantInfantPediatricPediatricPediatricPediatric or Adult
ET tubes & stylets2.5-3.0 & 6F3.0-3.5 & 6F3.5-4.5 & 6F4.0-4.5 & 6F5.0-5.5 & 14F5.5-6.5 & 14F
Suction catheters or stylets6-8 F8 F8-10 F10 F14 F14 F
Oral airwaysInfantInfant or smallSmallSmallMediumMedium or large
IV equipment22-24 angio or 25 scalp22-24 angio or 23-25 scalp22-24 angio or 23-25 scalp20-22 angio or 23 scalp20-22 angio or 19 scalp20-22 angio or 19 scalp
Arm boards6 in6 in6-8 in8 in8-15 in15 in
BP cuffsNewbornNewbornInfant or childChildChildChild or adult

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